Monday, July 3, 2017

Beta testers wanted

In the past several months, we have been developing a novel ultrafast photorealistic rendering application and we're almost ready to unleash our beast onto the world. In our humble opinion, we think our innovative, pioneering and revolutionary tech is going to be groundbreaking, earth-shaking, paradigm-shifting, status quo defying, industry-disrupting and transmogrifying, and be greater than the Second Coming of Sliced Bread! In short, we think it's going to be rather good.

We're currently looking for some outstanding beta-testers who have extensive experience with one of the following 3d modeling packages:

- 3ds Max
- Maya
- Cinema 4D
- Modo
- Blender
- LightWave 3D
- SketchUp

and a ray tracing based rendering engine like V-Ray, Corona, Cycles or similar.

The perfect candidate has also won or been nominated for a Montgomery Burns Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Excellence.

To apply, send an email with a link to your artist portfolio to (people with low frustration tolerance need not apply).

UPDATE: Applications are now closed. Thanks to all who have applied.


Retina said...

You have cracked raytracing problem? Kind of?????

Michal Hons said...

I'am not sure about my tolerance gauge, but I'am certainly interested in seeing what's all about. Good luck.